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7 best places to live in Italy and find your luxury property

Best old farm houses restored in Italy | Chianti Restorations

Whoever has been in Italy can confirm that the expression “Bel Paese” is not an exaggeration to describe one of the most beautiful lands in the world. There are many characters of the past and present who have had an excellent impression of Italy (Lord Byron, Henry James, Stendhal, Goethe …), not to mention all the figures of the music and showbiz scene who have decided to buy their own luxury villa in one of the best places to live in Italy (George Clooney, Sting, Meryl Streep…).

There are many reasons that push foreigners to buy a prestigious home in Italy, often as a holiday home or as an investment. Among the main reasons there are certainly the typical Italian cuisine (indeed, the typical cuisines), the heterogeneous landscapes, the good weather and the more relaxed lifestyle: the “Dolce Vita“.

Italy is a real open-air museum and each location has something to offer, but some areas are particularly well-known and coveted by foreigners: just think of Tuscany or the Lombardy lakes. There are also countless hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered, as is happening in recent years: regions such as Umbria, Abruzzo, Calabria and Sicily increasingly attract the attention of new buyers who decide to buy luxury villas in Italy.
In short, for those looking for their own corner of Paradise in Italy, there is plenty of choice and there are various investment opportunities: even the demand for luxury homes in Italy is constantly increasing.

Best places to live in Italy: most wanted locations

acquistare ville di lusso in Toscana

The perfect historic home in Tuscany

Tuscany is the region favored by many foreigners due to its locations, one better than the other: Chianti, Val d’Orcia, Crete Senesi, Versilia, Maremma … Well, choosing is really difficult! We at Chianti Restorations know it well, we are in love with this land where we work every day with passion and dedication because we know that there are many historic houses and castles in ruins that, after centuries of semi-abandonment, are waiting to be inhabited again.

Your prestigious property in Lombardy

Many people make an association between Lombardy and Milan and its hustle, typical of every modern metropolitan city, but this region is best known for its lakes. Lake Como (Lario’s most famous name), Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Iseo are undoubtedly the best known, offering exclusive and charming residences which look out at views that leave you speechless. The view of the lake and the direct connection with the shore (maybe with a private beach) are the main attractions of a property in Lombardy that drive foreigners to buy luxury villas in Italy.

A luxury villa in Piedmont

Piedmont will not overlook the sea and will not enjoy the same prestige as Lombardy, but it is full of majestic landscapes and traditional houses ready to be restored into prestigious properties. In particular, Monferrato is characterized by fascinating farmhouses and a territory rich in wine cultivation; it has even become an Unesco World Heritage Site.

Your beach house in Puglia

Among the most sought sea regions in Italy we certainly find Puglia, the so-called “Italy’s heel“. The Salento area, between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, is highly recommended for its enchanting beaches.

A prestigious building in the city

There are those who wish to live far away from the frantic pace of the city … and, instead, there are those who want to live just like this! In this case, Italy does not lack cities full of events, renowned clubs and places to visit: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Bologna are just the most famous. In centers like these, becoming a tourist in your own city is more than natural!

Best places to live in Italy: hidden regions to discover

acquistare ville di lusso in Umbria

An historical residence in Umbria

It is no coincidence that Umbria, together with Tuscany, is defined as the “green heart of Italy“: its landscapes deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime, as well as to be experienced day after day! Umbria is also the ideal region for those who want to dedicate themselves exclusively to relaxation, for a quiet lifestyle where haste is banned. 

Your villa by the sea in Sicily

Going further south, we find one of the two main Italian islands: Sicily, which continues to attract new buyers and investors thanks to the benevolent climate and its beaches. The region is full of prestigious properties ready to become a second luxury home or an investment opportunity.

Make your dream of a luxury villa in Italy come true!

If you are looking for a property to transform into your luxury home, our team of professionals will be able to help you, offering you a 360° consulting: together we will create the place you’ve always dreamed of!

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