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How to buy a castle in Italy: the ultimate advice

Sirmione castle

Within the luxury market, Italy is a country of excellence: just think of its starred chefs, prestigious wines, high fashion houses and luxury cars, just to name a few sectors. It’s no coincidence that the expression “Made in Italy” is synonymous with high quality.

Italy is also the country of history with a capital “S”: everyone has heard of the emperors of Ancient Rome, princes and lords of the Renaissance, as well as the many authoritative museums that guard this rich past.

And what are Italian castles, if not the perfect combination of Luxury and History?

So, are there castles in Italy?

The answer is: yes, there are… a lot!
In Italy there are many castles or other types of properties with a high historical value that have been redeveloped so that they could host museums, events, hotels and other tourism-related activities.
Among the most famous castles in italy to be particularly loved (also) by foreigners are the Castle of Brolio in the province of Siena, the Castle of Boccale in Livorno, the Castle of Poppi in the province of Arezzo, the Cini Castle of Monselice (enhanced during the 19th century thanks to a careful restoration), the Castle of Sirmione on Lake Garda and the famous Castel del Monte, commissioned by Frederick II of Swabia.

Would you like to live in a fairytale castle?
Castle Restoration in Italy
Castle Restoration in Italy

There is no univocal data, but it’s estimated that the number of castles in Italy can exceed 3170 fortresses: an impressive wealth that characterizes the entire territory of the peninsula! Some of these are now museums, hotels, locations for high-profile events and luxury homes, but there are still many Italian castles for sale waiting for an owner.

The massive presence of castles is motivated by the past of a country that until less than 200 years ago was divided into many smaller kingdoms, each with its own lord in charge. That’s why there are so many medieval castles in Italy, but also those luxury historic residences that were designed and built throughout the nineteenth century and the twentieth century having the medieval castle as a reference model (an example is the Sammezzano Castle , in Tuscany): these are prestigious properties with an eclectic style that have been able to combine tradition and innovation.

Can you buy a castle in Italy?

There is no shortage of castles for sale in Italy, so the answer is: yes, it is possible to buy an Italian castle. Among foreigners, especially Americans, Germans and English (as emerges from these data), it’s not uncommon: beautiful landscapes, temperate climate and many historical and artistic beauties (without forgetting the typical cuisine) are just some of the reasons that attract potential buyers in Italy, especially in Tuscany.

In most cases, the intention of these buyers is to buy a chateau for sale in Italy as an investment, taking advantage of the competitive prices and opportunities that the historic homes real estate sector has to offer, becoming more and more interesting. What is particularly stimulating for the buyer, however, is not so much the purchase of a castle as its restoration.

Castles for sale in Tuscany

Tuscany is the Italian region most loved by foreigners for its rural landscapes, prestigious wines, city of art and also the rich history that characterizes its entire territory. In fact, when we talk about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, we can’t help but talk about Tuscany, home of writers and artists (Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Filippo Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci are just some of the most famous names) who have left to posterity the evidence of his genius, including architectural.

Buying a castle in this region means being surrounded by wonderful views: it will be enough to look out from your castle to feel like the noble lord of a medieval fiefdom!

Castles for sale in Umbria

Umbria is a region known for being the green heart of Italy, a real oasis of unspoiled nature with numerous natural parks. It’s not as famous as the bordering Tuscany, but its castles (as well as farmhouses, villages and ancient estates) offer a fairytale setting that many foreigners, especially Americans, appreciate to such an extent that they decide to buy there their own castle.

From the shores of Lake Trasimeno to the Valnerina, this region is endowed with many hidden places that deserve to be discovered, especially by investors ready to recognize their potential.

Chianti Restorations buy a castle in italy

Restore abandoned castles in Italy: 4 reasons to do it

A potential buyer, after having received a first overview of the situation of castles for sale in Italy, may be more inclined to buy a castle already in excellent condition, perhaps because it has been refurbished by previous owners. However, in the aforementioned sector of historic houses, it is much more stimulating to search for an abandoned castle that needs to be restored. The most important reasons for the contractor can be grouped into four points:

  1. Potential in terms of investment: a castle is worth much more at the end of a restoration, even 50% more, especially if it is in a poor state of conservation. Furthermore, once restored, it does not lose value over time … quite the opposite!
  2. The opportunity to customize the castle to adapt it to the buyer’s personal needs and tastes.
  3. The possibility of bringing a building of historical interest to new splendor, preventing a piece of history from falling into oblivion.
  4. The satisfaction of being updated on the phases of the restoration and the progress of the construction site, arriving at the final step: living in a dream castle!

Obviously the restoration of a luxury property takes its time so it will be necessary to arm yourself with patience. However, the final result will certainly be able to repay the wait, especially if a competent company specialized in this kind of building projects will take care of the construction site.

Restoring a castle - Chianti Restorations

Only one factor could get in the way between the investor and his dream of a castle in Italy: the dreaded Italian bureaucracy!

A 360° consultancy for your property to renovate in Italy

A well-known cliché of Italy is that it has a particularly complex bureaucracy, as well as a series of constraints related to the construction and real estate sector. In fact, the Italian bureaucracy can be slow and unpleasant, nevertheless it should not be a sufficient reason to discourage potential investors. The first step in solving this unknown factor, especially when the investors in question are foreigners, is to receive complete advice on the restoration of ancient homes in Italy, by choosing a company specializing in luxury restoration that can answer questions like these:

  • Is a castle a good investment?
  • How to find properties to renovate?
  • How to buy a castle?
  • How to renovate a property for profit?
  • How much does it cost to renovate a property?
  • How long does it take to renovate a house?
  • What are the constraints to which a property in Italy must be subject?
  • What are the professionals to be involved in a professional restoration?
  • How do I adapt a historic property to my needs?

Deciding to restore a castle is an adventurous and exciting journey that needs valid allies: this is why those who decide to invest in the restoration of luxury historic homes need a 360 ° consulting that can help them not only in choosing the property, but also in every phase of the restoration.

Chianti Restorations

From construction site to delivery: complete support for your perfect castle

As already mentioned, Tuscany is one of the most sought after regions by foreigners who decide to invest in Italy. For over twenty years, the mission of Chianti Restorations has been precisely to give new value to abandoned castles in Tuscany and Umbria. We are specialized in the luxury restoration of historic properties. It’s up to us to guide investors throughout the entire duration of the restoration, from the start of the construction site to the delivery of the restored castle.

Request our consulting for your real estate investment abroad: you will find a qualified team able to speak your language!

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