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Chianti Restorations is leader in the field of luxury restorations

luxury restorations - restauri di lusso

Founded over twenty years ago in the heart of Tuscany by Edison Kostandini, at the time a highly-skilled craftsman and today CEO of the company, Chianti Restorations immediately established itself in the field of luxury restorations.

When Angelo, Edison’s son, joined the company, it expanded to specialise in the luxury properties market. The company caters to a large international clientele, including celebrities from the world of entertainment, business men and women, and luxury accommodation companies.

Tuscany is renowned worldwide for its real estate and cultural heritage.

Magnificent rustic properties are nestled on the top of rolling Tuscan hills. Whether they are hamlets, castles, villas, farmhouses, all of these structures certainly safeguard the timeless history, architecture, design, and materials of the area.

Therefore, this immense heritage must be preserved and enhanced to the fullest extent. This is where we at Chianti Restorations come in, revitalising and adding a new splendour to ancient Tuscan properties and transforming them into magnificent luxury homes or thriving businesses.

Salvaging and reinterpreting objects, materials, and work tools are a distinctive feature of our interventions: characteristic elements of the past are restored, thus contributing to enhancing the charm of an ancient home or a prestigious farmhouse.


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