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A Restoration Guide to get your perfect luxury Tuscan villa

GUIDE 7 advantages of restoring an Italian historic property

The beautiful climate.
The wonderful landscapes.
Immortal art.
Good food.
And, why not, investment opportunities too!

At least one of these aspects prompted you to search for your perfect luxury property in Italy, probably in one of the most popular locations in the world, first of all Tuscany. For some time now you have been sifting through different geographical areas to find the right property, maybe a farmhouse in the countryside or the manor house of a village, to be transformed into the luxury Tuscan villa you have always wanted …

Among your options, you have both well-maintained and immovable properties in need of professional luxury restoration. The latter are historic homes full of potential that need someone who can rediscover and enhance them, in order to restore them to new splendor.

The restoration of a property rich in history is a stimulating and satisfying life project. If you are taking this option into account, but you don’t know whether to consider it, Chianti Restorations offers you a guide that clearly summarizes the main advantages of the restoration of a historic property.

Find 7 reasons to restore your future luxury Tuscan villa

We have collected the advantages of restoration in seven points, including both very practical reasons (such as sustainability and investment opportunities) and others that, instead, are linked to more human and emotional aspects, first of all the satisfaction and pride of having extended the life of a real piece of history.

The guide is also enriched by the experiences of the Chianti Restorations team and the goals we have successfully achieved together with our customers: these are real concrete examples to help you understand the potential of luxury restoration.

Are you ready to rebuild History together?

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