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Sustainable restoration: for an ethical luxury in buildings renovation

restauro sostenibile e lusso etico - sustainable restoration and ethical luxury

Ethics and sustainability are the foundations that form the basis of all our property restoration, a sustainable restoration.

Our primary objective is to salvage the beautiful historical and artistic heritage of Italy through the use of precious recycled materials and ancient and respectful techniques, handed down from generation to generation.

Over the years, we have created a team of professional builders specialising in luxury restoration who, using time-honoured knowledge, manage to salvage old farmhouses, cottages, villas, hamlets, castles and restore them to new splendour.

Ethical luxury is possible, just as a sustainable restoration! At Chianti Restorations, we have studied and researched the best materials and techniques to innovate, while maintaining restoration traditions and historical methods.

Our team, composed up of highly qualified people, carefully follows all the work in every detail.

A single contact personally coordinates the relationships with all the members of the construction site.

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